Since Jul 2013

Deanna Hooper, Licensed Instructor

All ages welcome -- no experience necessary! 

Exhilarating and fun ZUMBA classes are being held in Sundance, Wyoming weekly. All ages are welcome!! Men, Women, Teens, and Pre-Teens are all encouraged to participate. Inhibitions are left at the door! 


Classes are currently offered Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:20pm at 220 N. 2nd Street (access dance hall through N. door of Senior Center). 

If you are interested in a ZUMBA tutorial just ask! 


Cost: $40 for a 10-class card. Walk-ins are welcome at $6.00 per 45-minute session. High school and middle school students are $30 a 10-class card.  Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Please bring a water bottle, small towel and your upbeat attitude and smile!

"I love everything about ZUMBA! Deanna, the group, the music, old and new song ratio and the drop-in option." ~ Marie Cartwright

"Things I really like about Sundance ZUMBA: High energy, enthusiastic instructor, variety, meeting new people, can go at my own pace, good workout in a reasonable amount of time, and good price." ~ Kelly Castano

"I Love Zumba!! Going to Zumba has helped me in many ways. First of all, Deanna is a great instructor. I was nervous about going at first but everyone makes you feel so welcome. Zumba workouts have made me feel more limber and happier with myself and life in general. I look forward to going to Zumba workouts and hate to miss a single one." ~ Debbie Pixley 


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